The Awakening

                        Blinded, I was

                                     by my own sorrow and pain

                        Fearful of my own vulnerability

            I hid behind the veil

                                    of protection and truth

                        And stood cloaked in the lies—

                                                That I was loved;

                                                That I would be your Queen someday;

                                                That I was worthy of reigning supreme.

                        Fight, I did

                                    to come out from under

                        Your enduring spell

                                    You fed me your poison

            I drank your blood


            I choked and vomit

                                    from all the

                        Impurity, insecurity, and impotence of love.

                                    I lay dejected,

                                                Almost dead—

                                                            Praying for sanctity;

                                                            Praying for daylight.

                        Awoken, I became

                                    to the brightness of the sun

                        Shining divinely upon my face

            I emerged in the light

                                    And shed my clothes in the warmth


                                    my soul

                                                illuminated from within

                                    my heart

                                                purified from verity.

                        Naked, I am

                                    Nowhere to hide

            I stand at the altar between darkness and light

                        And look before me at this heavenly sight                              

                                    And I see.

                                    And I feel…

                                                the lucidity of my soul

                                                the freedom in my heart

                                    to love…